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Grateful for The Day’s responsible journalism

It occurs to me, now more than ever, what a treasure we have in our midst.

The Day, established in 1881 and for decades owned by a trust, exists as "the champion and protector of the public interest and defender of the people's rights," which is rare in this country.

It is a source of responsible journalism that we could all take time to appreciate. I am grateful each day that the current Day staff members do their best to uphold that proud tradition.

None of us agree all the time with the opinions expressed or with the selection of local or national news articles. That is the nature of good journalism. But we all could be grateful that The Day continues to get responsible journalism to us on a daily basis. The Day is a beacon in an era in which credible journalism is struggling to survive the onslaught of digital (frequently irresponsible) babble.

In particular I am grateful for Day Staff Writer Claire Bessette, who works tirelessly to keep Norwich residents abreast of important daily occurrences and outcomes, clarifying often complex issues.

Thank you to the entire Day staff for keeping this valuable asset alive and well.

David Burnett




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