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Pitts' Trump attack was, well, pitiful

Leonard Pitts’s “In Trump they trust, facts be damned,” (March 27), is, well, pitiful.

President Trump’s early optimism on the duration of the China virus didn’t “bungle” addressing it. As early as Jan. 31, he had closed airports to travelers from China. It was a take on FDR’s whose “all we fear is fear itself,” which was accompanied by vigorous policies to end the Depression.

The pandemic results from the Chinese hiding it; the Democrat-partial media too busy stoking impeachment fires to worry about it; governors of states such as California and New York, overseeing GDPs the size of France’s and Canada’s, respectively, who bungled stocking up on medical supplies and pharmaceuticals; outsourcing their manufacturing to China.

How dare Pitts pontificate on President Trump’s lack of civility when his posse slanders him as: Nazi-fascist-racist-misogynist-traitor? When Joe Biden, Sen. Cory Booker and Rep. Maxine Waters have either threatened to beat him up or to have mobs doing it by proxy? When Democrats, including many black leaders, have ignored his proffered hand? When Trump supporters are the ones physically attacked by Pitts’s Democratic mobsters?

Pitiful Pitts, told – as Bill Shakespeare said: “a lie, an odious damned lie; upon my soul your message here."

Joao Caxide




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