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For all of our safety, mandate mask wearing

Reading all the news bits about the people who are refusing to wear a mask, some of whom go so far as to attack or even kill the innocent store employees who remind them of the store’s rule, I am bamboozled by the complete absence of logic or common sense.

Why is it perfectly acceptable to require by law that a motorcycle rider wear a helmet or a motorist wear a seatbelt (and punish those who break these laws), and yet we cannot require people by law to wear the mask that prevents the spread of a deadly disease without infringing on their so-called freedom? The riders or motorists breaking those laws endanger only themselves. Those who do not wear a mask endanger everyone around them.

Is it because we only care about hurting ourselves, and all those around us be damned? What about their right to health? Wearing no mask infringes on those rights. Where are our lawmakers when it is important? Why are the congressional eunuchs and toadies not protecting the rest of us with laws like the seatbelt and helmet laws?

Rory Wilson




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