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The true measure of brave, selfless service

According to our current president wearing a mask is not manly! I observe people every day on the news and in newspapers wearing masks and protective gowns to save and help people they don’t even know! Our current president would not know what it’s like to sacrifice and not look "manly" while protecting our country. In parades our service members look great, not always when they are defending us. I come from a gold star WWII family. My two uncles served Marine service. My dad, Army, wounded and spent a year in England recovering. My husband served 22 years in the Navy, mostly in the submarine service. They were manly!

My hat continues to tip in thanks to all our service members. And another hat tip for all our first responders, mail workers, those who collect our trash, stock and do check out at our grocery stores. I know I have forgotten people who make our lives easier.

Maybe we need to say thanks more often. Let’s be safe, cautious, patient, and help one another and we will get through this with kindness.

Jane Wilkins




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