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'Venom runs deep,' president fans flames

It has been a long time since our country has seen such anger, divisiveness, bitterness, ugliness, hatred, fear, and burning in the streets. The evil is coming out and the venom runs deep. We always had different thoughts. Courageous men and women have stood above the differences to bring us together.

The president ignored the onset of one of the world's worse pandemics saying it miraculously would go away, abdicated responsibility to states without coordination and then faulted them with hateful language at their efforts, encouraged protests littered with Nazi and Confederate flags to LIBERATE states, ignored scientists’ recommendations and made wearing masks partisan, declared previous peaceful protests un-American and then acted surprised when they turned violent.

Most unbelievably, his immediate solution to protests and riots was advocating the use of the military against U.S. citizens. Then he tells people what a fantastic job he is doing.

This is a sad time for our country. If only we had a true leader to Unite the States of America.

Allan Elms




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