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Stand up for freedom, return Trump to office in 2020

The level of vitriol and hate towards President Trump is beyond belief. These attacks are coordinated, orchestrated, and based on ideology, not fact. The president had early life advantages others did not have. He did not live off the advantages but used them to grow. He excelled in most undertakings − school, sports, and business. As president, he has been consistently and systematically attacked and undermined.

Citizens: understand it is not just the president who is undermined and attacked, but the country and we the citizenry. The president has been right more times than wrong. Many of his claims have been proven true. Despite the attacks he has endured and stayed true to his convictions (a rare, seldom seen political trait). Despite situations, natural or manmade, he has done what he said he would and puts America first.

Do not be scammed by the news media, politicians, academia, belt way careerists or elites and bureaucrats. Their goal is to destroy the country, not just Trump. Do your own research. The answer is clear; in November, a vote for Trump is a vote to save our Constitution and America. A vote for Joe Biden is a vote for socialism, big government, and fulfillment of Nikita Khrushchev’s claim that “America would fall from within”.

Harrison Solt




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