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Naive to be for 'peace'

In reference to “Militarism uses resources that could address racial injustice” (July 5), by Winslow Myers, his screed against militarism and for "peace" demonstrates an incredible naivete similar to that shown by British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain declaring "Peace in our time" just 11 months prior to the start of World War II. The truth is that there are bad actors — countries and leaders — in the world. Why does China have active territorial disputes with more than 12 countries, mostly much smaller, ranging from Japan to India and Pakistan? Why does it threaten the rights of Hong Kong's 7.5 million citizens in its abrogation of the treaty "guaranteeing" one country, two systems? Why does it threaten Taiwan's 24 million inhabitants with involuntary inclusion in the Chinese empire? Why did Russia grab Crimea, eastern Ukraine, and portions of Georgia? Why does Russia support the murderous Assad regime in Syria and rebel factions in Libya? Why does Iran support Assad in Syria, Hamas in Lebanon, rebels in Yemen and shipping from many countries in the Persian Gulf? The only check on the ambitions of these bad actors is credible deterrence — sufficient military strength to oppose and retaliate for their aggression.

P.J. Rovero




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