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New London helps her kids get somewhat normal summer

Amid the pressing fear of COVID-19, anxiety about the coming school year, and despondency at fast-spreading fascism, there is a blazing beacon of joy in our household this summer, and its name is New London Rec Camp!

Every weekday, our 6-year-old and 8-year-old practically skip the mile plus between our house and Bates Woods to attend the city's day camp. There, they spend the next six hours outside playing games, chatting with peers, exploring nature, and enjoying life! After four months of distance learning and social isolation, this is an enormous gift to everyone in our family.

I write to thank New London Parks and Recreation staff for their care and consideration in organizing the camp with safety in the front of their minds (and fun not far behind). Young adult counselors and staff wear masks all day in the heat and still manage to connect with the kids. I also want to note the Public Works workers we encounter on the park road between Ashcraft and the front of the park; the kids love waving and hearing the big horns!

2020 is a tough year to be a kid, but my kids are having a semi-normal summer thanks to you, New London! I really appreciate it!

Frida Berrigan

New London



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