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Lewis memorial service was meant to inspire

I had the good fortune to watch the Celebration of Life for Congressman John Lewis. I listened to the impassioned words from the pulpit of Ebenezer Baptist Church for a fuller, fairer America, for courage, inclusion, and − again and again − perseverance. In a time that many of us are fearful I heard, "Do Not be Afraid" and, more importantly, "Do Not Be Silent". I heard a call for hard work, truth, and a charge to embrace responsibility.

In this time of uncertainty, I heard about what real courage looks like and was inspired to speak truth and do something! There was mention of keeping vigil against the darker side of history and I cannot help but think about the darker side of many conventions that we are charged to address today.

Yes, we are ordinary people, but can we not do better? Thank you, John Robert Lewis, for charging us all to, “Get into good trouble and be happy”!

Elizabeth Stern




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