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Obama to blame for poor pandemic response

Would you have preferred it if President Trump went through the country yelling, “The COVID-19 is coming, the COVID-19 is coming?" To avoid panic, he played it down, took a cautious route. Even when more virus information came out, there still was a panic, remember?

Why weren’t we prepared?

President Obama's administation depleted the N95 mask supplies and never restocked them. This was Trump's fault? The Democrats want you to believe that it was.

It is great that Joe Biden, in hindsight, can criticize and even remember everything that has happened in the last four years. What has Biden actually done to be the president? Then the “anonymous” persons who said Trump called our troops “losers and suckers,” why not identify yourself?

When did football become political? You want to take a knee? Go over to Afghanistan, take a knee there, with weapon in hand, defend our country, instead of taking a tackle and an oversized paycheck. NFL condoning such crap is saying to our troops, “See, we can take a knee and not lose our lives over it.”

NFL, stay out of politics.

I will watch again, when they get their heads out of their… (fill in the blank).

Jo-Ann Arcara Craddoc



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