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Pity the fools who support Trump

Never did I think I would feel pity for President Trump's followers, but I do. No one likes to feel they have been taken, and they have been taken by the biggest con artist our country has ever seen.

After reading the lengthy New York Times article about how our president manipulated his taxes and deductibles, I can only feel sorry for them. Even his haircuts, for publicity for “The Apprentice,” were deducted for an enormous sum!

Trump continually stresses how his business interests focus on America. In 2017, he paid over $145,000 in personal taxes to both the Philippines and India. America received a paltry $750 from our president.

Most of us, happily or not, pay our honest share of taxes. It is disturbing and disgusting to find out that our national leader does not. Have any of his people changed in their devotion to him? It is time.

Bernice Krantz




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