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Rubino will be a better advocate for 23rd district

I have always believed that the best way to make a decision is with as much information as possible. The more perspectives you gather, the more you appreciate a holistic view of what you are trying to decide; the better you can evaluate the best way to decide; and the more fully you are able to view how that action will impact people. Nothing happens in a vacuum, and I believe that trying to understand the effects of your actions on the world you live in is a responsibility we should all aspire to.

For that reason, I am supporting Dave Rubino for state representative. Issues that are on my mind this election cycle are the right to affordable health insurance, increased educational funding and gender equality. Given Devin Carney’s voting record, I have faith that Dave Rubino will be a better advocate for these issues. Transparency, compassion, and understanding are ideals and most importantly actions and achievements in Dave’s work and life. I know that he will stand up for us, and for all those who need and want just representation.

Ben Merris

Old Lyme



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