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Participate in local government from home

One silver lining of staying home due to the pandemic is increased local civic involvement, now made easy via Webex, etc., meetings accessed from the comfort of our homes. While we pause to keep each other safe this winter, let’s help our local officials, whose work is in pandemic overload, to achieve local objectives. The election is over, but the people’s voice can and should still be heard.

We voice equitable, inclusive and diverse ways of thinking to examine a wide array of local issues. For example, affordable housing: recent studies show that rental households will increase from 34% to 54% in the next 5-10 years. This population will undoubtedly be more diverse. They should be welcomed and integrated into the community with policies that respect them and meet their needs.

Let’s maintain cherished civic and social values by working towards a revived, reimagined and re-apportioned American Dream. That is not socialism – that is responsible government of, by and for the people. Thanks to local officials who keep the lights on, our government is open for your virtual participation now, and will welcome you in person on the other side of the pause. Meanwhile, Zoom rocks! Stay safe.

Sandra Laub




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