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Integrity and democracy are easily lost but difficult to regain

Ironically, both newly elected senators from the state of Georgia have Stacey Abrams and the seditious, soon to be ex-president to thank for their seats. My only hope is that the Democrats do not get too overzealous or entertain in-fighting and just deal with the difficult problems thrust upon our country by the corrupt Trump administration.

With that said, my main concern is for our future generations. Addressing the pandemic is first and foremost, then restoration of honesty and competence to our government agencies must follow.

However, the names of those members of the “seditious caucus” must never be forgotten. They will return for the next political cycle to spew autocratic Trumpism. They must be forever exposed for what they are, people who broke their oath to our Constitution.

Everyone must be held responsible for their own actions. Future politicians need a reality check. Therefore, Trump needs to be held accountable for any illegal actions.

Integrity and democracy are easily lost but difficult to regain. Autocracy and corruption feeds on itself! I am seeing it on TV as I write! Where is the law? We have now become a fourth-world country!

Bill Culotta

Old Lyme



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