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Senate censure, criminal trial would be better than impeachment

I have pondered the question of the possible Senate impeachment trial of Donald Trump. An argument could be made that Senate witnesses or victims from the Jan. 6 Capitol riot are now judge and jury. No witness or victim in our justice system can be a jury member or judge in a criminal case they were involved with.

I have no problem with the Senate censuring Trump. I strongly believe that a number of true conservative Republicans would support censure along with Democrats to send a strong message to Trump and any future president. Having Trump indicted for his crimes, tried and convicted by 12 common-sense American citizens would assure that justice would be done and would take the politics out of the equation. There is no question in my mind that Trump has been a criminal for most of his life and his election in 2016 just inflated his narcissist ego. The Senate working on legislation to help citizens in need and set a course forward for America is the best way to accomplish unity. Positive Senate action speaks louder than partisan rhetoric. Trump will always have a fringe base, but reasonable policies will reduce his power.

L. Michael Clancy




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