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Music enriches life, and an inauguration

If you watched any of the inauguration coverage last week, you probably would have noticed the music that permeated the various events.

Now imagine an inauguration without music. There would be no “Star-Spangled Banner,” no “Amazing Grace,” no “This Land is Your Land,” no “Stars and Stripes Forever,” and no “Taps.” Can you imagine no military bands, no pop stars, and no Katy Perry performance of “Firework” to accompany the rockets’ red glare?

Music matters. The inauguration was a great reminder that music is needed more than ever in our current world. We, as a society, must support the creation of music now and into the future. We must be there for our musicians of today as they have been there for us for years and decades.

Musicians create and fill our ears with sounds that comfort us during times of sadness, bring sounds of joy while we celebrate, and record music that entertains us. Without music, we will simply sit in the “Sound of Silence.” I prefer sound over silence.

Bryan Doughty

New London



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