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Mr. Page complains from land of cancel

No irony so great as in dealing with the left.

Reading the Feb. 20 issue of The Day was quite ironic. “Let’s cancel the phony ‘cancel culture’ fight,” by Clarence Page of the Chicago Tribune was a watery spiel on the subject to say the least, turning the real issue into a political rant. Now this rant is from a Chicago journalist, mind you, and in Chicago cancel culture is not at all phony and is the subject of an AP piece also in the same issue of The Day, "Fate of Honest Abe statues, those of other figures under review in Chicago." I guess Mr. Page does not really understand the term or he is after all providing startling insight into the irony of the left that turns EVERYTHING into politics. He does live in Chicago, doesn’t he? Maybe he should have a chat with Mayor Lori E. Lightfoot regarding the Chicago Monuments Project. Ah, Illinois, The land of Lincoln.

Ted Genard



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