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Honest Trump review shows dishonest man

Prior letters have claimed it was a mistake to oust Donald Trump from the presidency. The big mistake was not ousting him but electing him in the first place.

Our military didn't have to be rebuilt, it has been the most powerful since World War II. Trump's tax cuts benefited big business and the wealthy the most.

When the coronavirus hit the president went AWOL. He botched the response, leading to thousands of more deaths and a serious economic downturn.

He boasted about how great the economy was before the virus, taking complete credit, forgetting President Obama got us out of a serious recession and created as many jobs as Trump.

Trump pretty much tried to evicerate the Environmental Protection Agency, leading to increased air and water pollution, threatening lives and agriculture.

Medicare still cannot negotiate drug prices. We still do not have background checks for all wishing to buy firearms.

Trump and his Republican cronies have lied and lied and used misinformation to deceive Americans. Trump is a would-be tyrant and his behavior since losing the election and inciting a riot shows a man inept and disgraceful.

Bruce Royce



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