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Shameful that Trump escaped Senate conviction

President Trump’s impeachment defense won him an acquittal. No surprise given that Republican Senate jurors Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham and others worked with his defense attorneys. These senators created a smokescreen to obscure Trump’s culpability in a violent transfer of power even though, as Mitch McConnell said after voting for acquittal, Trump “is practically and morally responsible for provoking the event of that day.”

Trump did not stop his supporters as they beat and killed police. In 2016, Marco Rubio sadly predicted that Trump is someone who “justifies physically assaulting people who disagree with you.” He abandoned his VP, Congress, police, and American citizens, “praising the criminals” as McConnell said.

We watched as Trump chose power over the safety of others while ignoring the sanctity of the U.S. government. By acquitting Trump on February 13, many Republicans sacrificed our republic for the person who declared that those brutally desecrating the tenets of our democracy were “great patriots.” Trump said, “Remember this day forever.” He does not have to worry about that. History and the world will never forget this stain on American democracy.

Allan Elms




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