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First two months since Biden took control not exactly inspiring

Gas prices rising, mortgage rates rising, teacher unions preventing kids from learning, Amazon cancels movie highlighting the life of the Black Supreme Court Justice − "Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words," − as it aspires to eliminate all small-business competition. Meanwhile, transgender men destroy women’s sports by offering unfair competition to female athletes. Dr. Seuss books are pulled from publication. Unemployment is increasing. The president refers to certain officials as Neanderthals. The Capitol Building is closed to the public. Illegal border crossings are in crises mode, with the potential for COVID-19 infected folks traveling into the country. 

Dr. Jill is in the public arena, while President Biden goes to sleep early. Iran puppets fire rockets. Russia builds a pipeline but Biden says the U.S. can’t. China elite infiltrate prep schools and colleges, happily paying full tuition. We learn a California Democratic congressman cavorted with a Chinese spy and ran for president.

Wow. We are two months into this administration, but perhaps the definition of unity has changed. Miss him yet?

W. Terrence Mooney




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