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Families can fail children on prejudice, so schools must step in

Red Jahncke’s makes the point in his column that schools should avoid teaching about actual American history and racism, LGBTQ issues, sexual education, and other issues that make him uncomfortable, “If schools indoctrinate, more will home school to educate,” (May 12). If they are not addressed in school, do you really think they will be accurately covered at home? Where do you think racism, sexism, and homophobia are taught? Children learn it at home from their parents and those same parents are not going to adequately or accurately cover these topics because they do not understand them themselves.

Is Jahncke afraid of teaching about racism because he thinks it does not exist? It does. Is he afraid of teaching about LGBTQ issues because it will make a child gay? It will not. Does he believe that not teaching them about sex will cause them to abstain? It will not.

Maybe Jahncke is just uncomfortable thinking that teaching about these topics will expose his own biases to his child?

Paul Brackett

East Lyme



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