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Groton officials aren't giving citizens project info they need

The Town of Groton Planning and Zoning Commission held a Zoom public meeting workshop June 14 to discuss applicable zoning regulations for the development of the Mystic Oral School. Public meetings are normally recorded. There is no official recording of this pivotal meeting. I, personally, took eight pages of notes, but they are not a public record, nor do they capture the nuances of what was discussed.

Why did town staff neglect to have the meeting recorded? This meeting set the parameters for any application to follow in order to develop the Oral School property. It is nigh on criminal to have failed to record this meeting for the record. It reduces any further conversation about the outcome to a "he said, she said" discussion.

Unfortunately, this follows the pattern set by Planning Director Jon Reiner, Economic and Community Development Manager Paige Bronk, Town Manager John Burt, and elected officials of the Town Council since the beginning of this debacle in 2019. It is time to hold accountable those in the town who have obfuscated, hidden documents and been uncooperative and dismissive towards taxpayers seeking information about how we got to the point of having a convicted criminal, Respler, as the preferred developer.

Burt says they forgot to record. Really?!

Wanda Tillman




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