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Why did Day bury major Trump story?

Knowing founder Bowdenwein’s mandate that the role of a newspaper includes “to be champion and protector of the public interest and defender of the people’s rights,” I must point out that you missed the mark on July 31. The article in question in the print edition is headlined, “Trump urged Justice officials to declare election ‘corrupt’”.

The facts presented in this piece amount to evidence of a criminal attempt to subvert the will of the electorate by propagating The Big Lie using false statements from the Justice Department. While major papers like the New York Times and Washington Post recognized this story as “front page and above the fold” news, your editor chose to place it on page C2 in the bottom left-hand corner – known, I believe, to be the spot least noted on any page.

It appears that someone at The Day was hoping to bury this damning story. That leaves this life-long reader to question the integrity of that someone with discretionary power at our beloved local paper.

I would like to think this will be investigated further at The Day and never repeated.

Sue Fraser Frankewicz



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