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Ledyard 'a caring and inclusive town'

As we approach the coming election, Ledyard, like other towns, has much to consider. I am concerned that we have experienced pushback as though we were a racist town. I am concerned that the police have been confronted as though they are guilty of brutality. I am concerned that elected officials have been publicly smeared. But I am proud of how the Republican town officials handled these issues and defended Ledyard as a caring and inclusive town.

Republican town officials did not shrink from investigating racist accusations and formed a community forum for discussion. Concerns arising from Covid in both the town and within the schools were faced and managed with transparency and patience. As many cities and towns are facing Critical Race Theory becoming part of the curriculum in their schools, I trust Republican town officials to listen to parents who are concerned about potential indoctrination of their children.

Republican town officials have many accomplishments including two new schools, the transformation of Ledyard Center, obtaining open spaces like the Tri-town Trail, and sensible budgets.

Ledyard Republican candidates will lead the town through the chaotic times and continue tested leadership that is responsive to all citizens.

Vote Row B Nov. 2.

Gillian Thorne




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