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Too many no shows at New London forum

There were two real live, in person candidate forums in New London this weekend. But readers of The Day would not know about that because no reporters showed up. Organized by Step Up New London and Hearing Youth Voices and held in Caulkins Park, the forums were built for families — snacks, childcare, and COVID safety. Organizers reached out to everyone running for public office in New London to invite them. The BOE forum had eight of 13 would-be public servants participating— but no Republican candidates. The City Council forum only had five participants, out of 16 hopefuls. Of course, life intervenes, but the no-show candidates missed the opportunity to participate in a lively, impassioned, and informed discussion. The minor sound system challenges, chilly weather, and occasional interruptions from passing trains only added to the event, demonstrating candidates’ commitment, and showcasing their flexibility, responsiveness and humility. I wish The Day gave these events — their organizers and the issues — the deserved respect and attention. I will say the same to all the missing candidates from the Democratic and Republican parties. You missed a chance to win over this strategic (No Way to Line A— or B for Me) voter.

Frida Berrigan

New London

Editor's note: The Day is unable to cover all political forums. However, reporter Greg Smith covered a forum Monday sponsored by the League of Women Voters of Southeastern Connecticut at All Souls Universalist Congregation. The forum inlcluded candidates for council and school board.




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