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Media gave arsonists a freee pass

"I still admonish them that being peaceful is the way to handle your problems."

— Eunice Waller

It is interesting that The Day should repeat this sage advice considering its telling silence of the violence by BLM and other domestic terrorists in the name of "equity" and "social justice." The arsonists that burned down minority-owned businesses in countless cities got a pass from The Day — to say nothing of the non-minority owned businesses that got the same.

At the same time The Day and the rest of the Fake News condemns those who defend their own lives, the lives of others, private and public property as "systemic racism," "dog whistles for white supremacy" and the rest of that bunk.

There is probably a good reason why The Day did not ask Ms. Waller while she was still alive what she thought of the BLM violence. She would have told The Day and then they would be stuck having to print it.

John R. McCommas



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