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Chamber event reinforced faith and hope

My wife and I attended the recent Chamber of Commerce dinner honoring Michael Rauh as Citizen of the Year. It was an inspiring evening, highlighting his achievements, selfless work on behalf of our region, and his particular dedication to diversity. However, there was an unexpected bonus.

At the evening's onset, a young NFA graduate, Ericka Alfred, sang a compelling rendition of our National Anthem. She did it a capella and respectfully, exactly as written. A hush stilled the auditorium, so captivating was her delivery. Unlike so many other versions heard today, it was not all about her, the performer, but about the meaning behind the words she flawlessly delivered. It set the tone for the entire evening.

I could not help but to reflect upon how both Michael and Ericka raised the bar as well as my spirits. In a land beset by a pandemic, pulled apart by political divisions and lower expectations, these two examples, through their respective bodies of work, draw us together, reinforcing faith and hope as well as the goodness in our country, and in each other. Together, they remind us that we are much stronger than we are divided.

Louis Camerota

BMW of New London


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