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It's not all about politics

The verdict is in. All testimony aside, it is easy to see what evidence the Rittenhouse jury used in their decision. I mean really easy to see, literally. It was a video. So, in the Nov. 19 Day, "Analysis: Rittenhouse was acquitted, not validated," Philip Bump of the Washington Post writes that there was “a willingness to leverage violence for political ends and to rationalize political violence.” Classic. As usual, it is all about politics to the folks at The Post. I guess the riots are now about politics. I thought they were in protest of social injustice and all that. I guess burning, looting and destruction of property really speaks about one’s political leanings after all. The real question is, however, what vacuum in society foments vigilantes? Anybody want to guess? Or is that too political?

Ted Genard



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