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Floating zones circumvent zoning regulations

The massive five-story apartment complex with 80 units, commercial space, 121 parking places and a party rooftop proposed for Five Corners does not meet the City of Groton Plan of Conservation and Development or the zoning requirements of July 2019. At that time the mayor and city staff worked covertly with GBU Capital of Arizona to rewrite those guidelines to meet the developer’s needs at the expense of city residents. ("Residents at hearing raise concerns about scale of Five Corners development in Groton City," Dec. 22)

These changes included increasing the allowed density (height and intensity) to meet the developer’s request to maximize profits and, more significantly, issuing the developer with "Floating Zone" privileges.

“Floating Zone” = a get out of jail free card to circumvent any existing zoning regulations; a free pass for spot zoning with no regard for the neighbors. These regulations do nothing to serve the citizens of Groton, and everything to enrich an out-of-state developer who has no vested interest in our city outside of exploiting this project for personal financial gain.

This development clearly does not follow our Plan of Development for the Five Corners area even with the gifted zoning enhancements bestowed to the developer by City Hall.

Vote No and end the use of the “Floating Zone.”

Michael Boucher



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