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Waterford vote will determine fate of contract

On May 31, 2022, from noon to 8 p.m., Waterford voters will be voting to approve or reject the action of the Representative Town Meeting approving a contract with Eversource for the installation of gas lines to the police station and the emergency management buildings that will shift the heating source from oil in tanks to natural gas in pipelines. The town will be locked in for 15 years with the natural gas heating source with a variable charge rate for the natural gas.

If the voter is in favor of natural gas over fuel oil and locking the town in a heating source of natural gas for 15 years, the voter should vote YES.

If the voter is not in favor of natural gas due to pricing or the opinion that it is not a significant change of fuel source or the 15-year contract length is too long, the voter should vote NO.

J. W. “Bill” Sheehan


The writer is Board of Finance and Democratic Town Committee member


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