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The Day should keep editorials local

The guest editorial “Leave the justices alone at home,” (May 11), first appeared in the Washington Post. The date that the editorial was first published in the Post, in print or online, is not specified.

The Day boasts that it is an independent, local newspaper; admittedly a difficult product to maintain in today's news environment. But I am concerned about our "local newspaper" reprinting editorials from newspapers that cannot by any definition be considered local or independent, such as the Washington Post, N.Y. Times and St. Louis Dispatch and others, as has been happening more frequently over the last couple of months.

If I want to know what the Washington Post's or N.Y. Times' or St. Louis Post Dispatch's editorial positions are about issues, I can find them elsewhere. I do not need or want our local, independent newspaper to recycle editorials from other newspapers.

Please ditch the guest editorials, whatever that phrase means. If The Day is too disinterested to communicate its positions and opinions to its readers and instead simply reprints editorials from other papers, it has ceased to be local or independent.

Frank T. Francisconi, Jr.

New London

Editor's note: While The Day concentrates on local news, we also publish state, national and international news of significance. This is also the case on the Opinion page where, as the letter writer notes, we run editorials and columns from other publications on such topics as abortion, the Ukraine war and inflation.


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