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My dog's and my special affection for the Eagle

Mr. John Ruddy: thank you for your delightful story on the Coast Guard's new Eagle.

I had read about Horst Wessel and how she turned sadness into joy. I was so delighted with all the details of another story about Ed Lowe’s entire crew from the U.S. and Germany, and your beautiful story you did on the carver, Shane Kinman.

I have a special affection for the Eagle. My first visit was years ago when visitors were allowed to come aboard. It was that visit that brought the Coast Guard and I together. I have a therapy dog, Nubble. We started visiting the Coasties at the Academy weekly and put on shows until COVID closed things. The Coasties loved his visits and he has brought so many smiles to those far away from home. I see it as a very beautiful way we can help to serve others who are choosing to serve our country. We always close our show with Nubble holding The American Flag in his mouth while he raises his paw in salute. This is quite a sight to witness. Service and love of our country can take many forms. Your story does exactly that.

Nubble is an 11-pound piebald dachshund. We are with The Alliance of Therapy Dogs.

Cricket Murphy



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