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Don't change the subject

In a recent column, Cal Thomas condemns the January 6 Committee as too partisan, “Prime time for anti-Trumpers,” (June 9), and complains that Nancy Pelosi blocked “Trump-loyal Republicans” from taking part. As if it made sense to try a bank robber by appointing his accomplices as prosecuting attorneys. As if Trump’s "big lie" or the "false flag" riot assertions supported by all those Trump-loyal Republicans were reasonable starting points for discussion. But both have been thoroughly debunked. So yes, the committee is mostly Democratic. The majority of Republicans offered little choice.

Thomas suggests that this is all a scheme to “change the subject” from other issues like inflation. True, inflation is very important, but so is the orderly preservation of the rule of law — something Thomas seems to overlook when it comes to Trump loyalism — and one need not exclude the other.

It would be one thing if Thomas’s Republican friends had ever produced a whiff of credible evidence to support their arguments. Failing spectacularly to do so, often before Trump-appointed judges no less, they are reduced to grandstanding with shrill and transparently false claims. Talk about trying to change the subject.

Al Crossley



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