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    Monday, April 15, 2024

    Trump sounds call, middle-America responds

    Now that the election/campaign has ended, it is ironic that the spirit of cooperation has come forward after a year or so of the “night of the long knives.” Some would compare this to rats leaving a sinking ship. The fact that one candidate was compared to the Austrian gentleman with the mustache is also amusing.

    However, the opposition to Donald Trump should look in the mirror. Although the Austrian gentleman was popular, it was the elitist’s own agenda that allowed him victory because they thought he could be controlled. Everyone knows how that unfolded. Donald Trump may not be in the so-called elite but someone in that camp was paying attention to middle-America's silent majority.

    The present administration came in on the wings of cultural change and after eight years not much has changed. We are already multicultural historically and fundamentally, like it or not. The forgotten segment of the population, what’s left of it, working-class America, regardless of ethnicity, has voted for change.

    The socialist ideal agenda doesn’t work anymore than did the hippie dream or the late iron curtain. The United States was built on the principles of freedom, but to survive it must rely on economics. The great giveaway must end.

    George Leiper Jr.

    North Stonington