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    Friday, January 27, 2023

    Technically speaking, no assault rifles sold

    There are no assault rifles (ARs) being sold to the public.

    As we quite frequently falsely read in newspapers and see on TV, people are killed through use of assault rifles throughout our country. However, there are no assault rifles sold in the U.S. The public is being misled into thinking military style weapons are available for sale.

    I refer to "The Firearms Guide" for what is and is not an assault rifle. It clearly defines: “assault rifles are weapons when set to ‘fully automatic,’ fire all ammunition with just one finger pull.” Only military rifles have that capability, and they are banned from the general public.

    The term assault rifle (AR), as used by newspapers, television, and politicians, is political hype. AR is actually a rifle manufacturer, Armalite Rifle, which manufactures the AR15, solely as a sportsman and competition rifle.

    The AR15 and similar style rifles are available to the public for target shooting, hunting and home protection. They are properly sold via state laws to those who hold a valid state gun permit. Only states can regulate gun permits, not the federal government.

    Know the facts and proper terminology. Don’t be part of the misinformed. My comments do not condone killings by use of guns, but merely to educate the public there are no assault rifles being sold to the general public.

    Paul Krug