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    Saturday, June 10, 2023

    Electric rates will rise due to wind power

    I can't believe that no one has commented on the estimated 150 percent increase in electricity rates if and when Deep Water builds their wind farm and starts supplying their juice to the state. The current Eversource rate per Kw hour is 9.078 cents. The DW rate to Block Island is 24.4 cents per Kw h, plus a 3.5 percent annual bump for 20 years; plus the delivery charge.

    Connecticut chose not to reveal proposed rates or even average prices among the three bidders and will announce the winners 90 days after contracts have been executed and approved per the article, “Wind to light homes,” (June 24). Shafted again by PURA and Senator Fonfara who has never voted against any electrical price increase. Must own some stock.

    What are our representatives in Hartford thinking? It is probably how much longer before they can collect their state pension! They are certainly not thinking about people on fixed incomes, and not on state pensions. Yes, you can go to the public hearings, say anything you want , but it doesn't change a thing. Good luck and don't forget to turn the lights off.

    Jim Rondeau