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    Sunday, September 25, 2022

    Biden trying to right the wrongs

    Washington, the press, and critics’ reaction to forgiving student debt is another example of the expected instant, negative criticism, a blame game, used against Democrat administrations since Newt Gingrich.

    I do not believe we are a nation of citizens so selfish that we cannot accept a government action that addresses a need that does not include us directly.

    After four years of circuses, amply covered by the press, distracting us from the damage the president was doing to our country, for the advantage of global oligarchs like himself, (who plot and plan to scare, impoverish and rule us); I welcome a good man like Biden who is trying to right 12 years of obstruction.

    Our enemy’s aim is not to make America great again but to destroy the world’s working example of government by the people. It is a threatened world that competing kings, emperors and dictators of the past have nearly destroyed.

    Can’t Washington, the press and critics notice and report on Biden’s progress against heavy odds not of his making, not in his power to control and worth nothing?

    Eva Aldrich


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