Newly-appointed Groton City councilor settling into the role

Groton — Newly-appointed Groton City Councilor Gweneviere Depot recalls a busy Thames Street when she was a girl, and in her new role, she'd like to see it come back.

"I loved the little shops," said Depot, appointed this month to fill the seat formerly held by Democrat Conrad Heede, who was elected to the Town Council. "It seemed like there were a lot of people always around. One of my most vivid memories was the fireworks, when they would shut the street down and you could ride your bike in the street."

Depot, 33, has attended one meeting so far and will be serving her first term in elected office. She said she supports further economic development of Thames Street, and is pleased to see greater transparency regarding the activities and finances of Groton Utilities.

Depot attended Groton Public Schools, earned her bachelor's degree from the University of Connecticut, and now manages commercial accounts at Bouvier Insurance in Waterford. She lived on Thames and Warner streets growing up, then on Elderkin Avenue as an adult before moving to her current home on Shennecossett Parkway, a street of politically-active neighbors.

Groton City Mayor Keith Hedrick lives next door to Depot.  Former Town Councilor Harry Watson lives across the street. 

"All of our neighbors talk about politics, so any kind of conversation gravitates toward this," Depot said.

During the Groton City election in May, Depot worked behind the scenes making phone calls for the Democratic party.

City Councilor Jamal Beckford nominated Depot to fill the seat vacated by Heede. Beckford and Depot knew each other from their school days and from their interactions in the close-knit world of the city.

"He has siblings that are my siblings' age or older and the house we lived in on Elderkin (Avenue) is neighbors with his parents' house, so I know his parents a little bit," she said.

Her second City Council meeting is Jan. 2. Her colleagues have offered to help her if she needs any assistance, she said.

"I don't know that I've quite got my bearings yet," she said.  "But a couple more meetings, and I'll get the gist of it."


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