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Startup Success: Planning to make inroads with AI feature

As a project manager, Darwyn Azzinaro would have given anything for a tool to teach others how to navigate the tough road of planning out and implementing a team project from beginning to end.

And that’s what his company has created with the app Project Planning Pro, a new version of which he hopes will be a game-changer in the project management industry.

“Project Planning Pro not only connects project teams with each other, it connects them to the tools and resources they need to be successful,” says Darwyn.

The app incorporates Artificial Intelligence, an unusual feature in an industry expected to grow 2.2 million jobs in the next decade.

“The AI feature is critical because the app teaches users project management skills, while it helps keep projects on time and under budget,” Darwyn says. “This app will help project managers and companies keep up with the demand.”

Darwyn joined the i2e team at The Innovation Commons, a startup incubator space in Groton, in 2017.

“By being in an office with other startups, we are able to network and to take advantage of programs and resources that are made available,” says Sri Kanagala, a partner at i2e.

Both Sri and Darwyn credit meeting Mary Anne Rooke, of Crossroads Venture Group, and Paul Singh, of Results Junkies, at so-called Ignite events as being critical to their progress, helping to understand investor priorities and improving pitches.

The new version of Project Planning Pro is currently in beta testing, while the team continues pitching for investments to fully fund the launch.

Emma Palzere-Rae is the Ignite program manager for Thames River Innovation Place. Visit for information on programs and resources.

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Project Planning Pro, spinoff of i2e Consulting

Project Planning Pro, spinoff of i2e Consulting

Founded: 2010

Where: The Innovation Commons, Groton

Who: Darwyn Azzinaro, CEO of Project Planning Pro




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