Norwich pension board delays action on former NPU GM Bilda's pension payment

Norwich — The Personnel and Pension Board accepted former Norwich Public Utilities General Manager John Bilda’s pension application Tuesday, but deferred action on a related financial calculation until the July 16 meeting, when the board will hear a presentation from Bilda and his attorney.

For the second consecutive meeting, the board met for nearly two hours behind closed doors with its attorney, Kenneth Plumb, to discuss Bilda’s application.

At the May meeting, the board discussed with Plumb issues related to the time from Bilda’s Dec. 31 resignation to his retirement, effective April 10, as spelled out in a separation agreement with the utilities commission.

Plumb said Tuesday the pension board often approves a pension application before deliberating on the person’s annual pension payments at a later date.

The Board of Public Utilities Commissioners approved a separation agreement with Bilda Jan. 22 after he had been placed on paid administrative leave following a Nov. 8 indictment on four federal corruption charges.

The agreement called for Bilda to resign Dec. 31, but effective April 10, after he reached his 30th anniversary of employment at NPU. From Jan. 1 through April 10, the agreement called for Bilda to be paid a token $10 per month in wages with a per diem calculation based on 20 “working days” per month, but that he “shall not perform any duties associated with his position as general manager.”

The agreement stated Bilda “shall be considered to have retired in good standing,” eligible for full pension as well as payment for 864 hours of accrued sick time and 296 hours of accrued vacation time.


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