My Pet Pal: Shiloh

This is my dog Shiloh. She is a Labrador retriever mix and is approximately 2 years old. Shiloh has been part of my family for almost three months, yet it feels like she has been around forever. In the time that we’ve had her, she has taught us an important lesson: love one another no matter what challenges life brings. Prior to adopting her, we learned that Shiloh faced life threatening challenges. She was found tied up under a shed with her 14 puppies, her body was severely emaciated and infested with parasites. Shiloh had every reason to detest humans after being neglected, yet the love that she has for other people is so profound and unconditional; nobody would ever suspect what she went through. My family could not ask for a better dog than Shiloh, and we cannot wait for more memories to come.

Meghan Fabianski



My Pet Pal is a reader-submitted feature that highlights local residents and their favorite furry, feathery or scaly friends. Send a photo of you and your pet, along with a short description of what makes them a great companion, your name and what town you live in to Include “pet pal” in the subject line.


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