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News: In the Grundy family's Groton home, a locked kitchen door and alarm were installed to keep Cami, who has the rare genetic condition Prader Willi Syndrome, out. Cami's condition causes insatiable hunger, and if she were to get into the kitchen unsupervised, she may very well eat herself to death.

Business: Mystic River Chocolate has been around for nine years, with Bill Gash as chocolatier and Casey Gash on the business and design side, but the couple recently took the plunge and decided to open a brick-and-mortar store.

Daybreak: Ever crave a lobster roll or a heaping cone of ice cream in the dead of winter? Well, the cause is not hopeless as Erica Moser has discovered.

Perspective: U.S. Rep. Courtney again makes it clear that he did not relish the opportunity to impeach President Donald Trump. He had to do it, he not-so-effectively explained at a chamber meeting.



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