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Groton woman: 'God sent Trump to save America'

This is part of an occasional series on local residents who have presidential lawn signs. If you have one, or spot one, email the address to

Sign: This home at 100 New London Road, Groton, features one 6-foot by 10-foot Trump flag and one 3-foot-by-5-foot Trump flag.

Who: Cynthia Alina, 61, who is retired from working at the post office in Waterford, is a Connecticut representative for MAGA 2020 and founder of the website Cynthia lives in the house with her husband, Leo; two sons and two grandchildren, all Trump supporters.

Why do you support the candidate? "I supported Trump from the day he came down the escalator and announced that he was joining the fight to save the country. Many things happened under Obama that people are not aware of and they got their heads in the sand. My son was in the Navy 12 years and Obama sent him to Iraq where he was totally disabled. He was an accountant in the Navy. Why did a Navy accountant have to go to a sand war and become a prison guard? Each military has its own job. Then when he came back, I had to hire a lawyer to get his veteran’s pay. That’s because Obama did not care about the military."

Whom did you support in 2016? "I rallied for Trump for the country."

Why did you put a sign up? "Because I love President Trump, and I think he is here to save America. I’m also a Christian. Trump is not a savior. Some people think it’s a cultish thing, but it’s not. God sent Trump to save America. He can multitask. He can be putting out a fire in one state, while fighting foreign policy on the telephone and helping police officers in New York City."

Any reaction to the sign? "We put a big flag in one of my maple trees along my property border. I live on U.S. Route 1, which is a state road. Two days after the election, the state came and cut down my five maple trees because they said there were complaints about my trees. And I told them: “Wow, I did not know a Trump flag would make you come cut the tree, and I will go put it on a broken tree,” and they said we could put it there because that’s a city tree, not a state tree.

I got a Christmas card this year from a closet Trump supporter that said, 'I love your enthusiasm’ and ‘Trump 2020.’ It was signed by a Trump-supporting neighbor. There are people out there who support Trump, and you wouldn’t believe all the beeps when they go by at the Trump flag."

— Kimberly Drelich


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