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Waterford closes town recreation areas due to virus

Waterford − First Selectman Rob Brule issued an emergency order Monday closing town recreation areas due to the coronavirus.

"Town parks and beaches, basketball courts, school grounds and athletic facilities, dog park, tennis courts, playgrounds and all other town recreational areas are hereby closed until further notice," the order read.

Brule said basketball rims have been disabled and all applicable gates have been locked.

"People were not self-monitoring social distancing, and with an increase of visitors to Waterford with warm weather and everyone home, the risk is too high for our residents," Brule said Monday. "I have to make decisions that will keep our community safe. The trends are showing a continued increase in positive cases in the area. I will not underestimate the seriousness of this pandemic."

The town had already closed its buildings to the public. The order also reemphasizes Gov. Ned Lamont's order to keep private and public gatherings to five people or fewer.


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