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Viral Stories: Readers share tales of life during pandemic

We asked readers to send in vignettes about how they’re holding up during the current pandemic. Here is a sampling:


I’d say my husband Mike (age 80) and I (77) are doing just fine so far but wondering how much longer this will go on. (Who isn’t?)

We aren’t getting together with friends, but are visiting people by phone and email. We’ve talked to people we haven’t talked with for awhile (some far away) and plan on talking with others as the days go on.

I have visited one of my closest friends who is a few years older than I. I brought her the Shoprite specials list she would ordinarily buy in person. We shop the early hours reserved for us older people. It’s great being treated special!

Both Mike and I love to read. We haven’t been going out much lately because the weather is not great, but will be walking a lot as soon as the weather warms up. And I love to cook, which can while away the time.

We have been taking long rides through Connecticut and Rhode Island. It’s one way to enjoy some freedom on a sunny day.

We moved to Connecticut in ‘04, and I can never get too much of the antique (and the new) stone walls along the roads in this state. Our beautiful rolling hills are lovely in spring, and we’re noticing the blush on the red maples that will be leafing soon.

We have seen others’ forsythia and daffodils, although ours are not blooming yet. And driving along the Rhode Island shore on a sunny day can really raise your spirits!

Dottie Nauer, New London


Both my full-time licensed assistant and myself are working from home right now. We both have complete home office setups anyway. My office is just 10 minutes from my home, so if needed, I can get there quickly.

I have my files with me and access to all the information that I need with the push of a key on my keyboard or my phone.

I continue to list and sell properties and have closings this week to shepherd along. I am in contact with law firms, appraisers, agents, inspectors, buyers and sellers daily. We are still scheduling appraisals and some showings.

This coronavirus has definitely not stopped real estate but has changed the way we do business.

Some of the attorneys’ offices have requested that real estate agents not come to closings at their offices to limit the number of bodies. Attorneys will need to overnight deeds to be recorded as some of the Town Halls have new restrictions.

I have several boxes of surgical gloves, lots of spray disinfectant and cleaner at my office. But I have always had lots of spray disinfectant and cleaner at my office; the surgical gloves are new attire.

I still field several calls from potential buyers and sellers daily. What I can tell you is that Mystic has always been a big draw for New Yorkers, but right now, they can’t get out of New York fast enough. I expect to see more people leaving New York to move to southeastern Connecticut.

Although we are in the midst a very serious global pandemic that nobody is taking lightly, I can tell you from past experiences that the shoreline is always the first to come back.

Judi Caracausa, owner/broker at Market Realty, Mystic

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