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East Lyme school district reports additional COVID-19 cases

East Lyme — Superintendent Jeffrey Newton said the town's school district learned Tuesday of more COVID-19 cases connected to the schools.

In a letter to staff, parents and guardians, he reported one case each associated with Flanders Elementary School, Lillie B. Haynes School and East Lyme Middle School and five cases associated with East Lyme High School.

He said some of the cases are specific to family members and siblings. He said any person who was determined to be a “primary contact” was informed and will be emailed information about quarantining.

The person who tested positive at Flanders was last there on Thursday; the person at Lille B. Haynes was last there on Jan. 8; and the person at East Lyme Middle School was last there on Jan. 12. The people associated with the high school were last there on Jan. 11, Jan. 12 and Jan. 14.

Schools will reopen on Thursday, while Niantic Center School will continue distance learning through Thursday. Wednesday is always a day when students learn remotely.

Communications about previously reported cases are available on the school district's website,

“Please continue to be vigilant of any signs of illness or exposure to COVID-19 for you or any member of your family,” Newton wrote. “Your ongoing diligence will help us stay on top of continued transmissions while we safely maneuver through the impact of any further cases that may come forth. If additional COVID-19 infection cases occur, we will continue to act immediately and engage in the steps that need to be taken as it pertains to possible temporary closures and staff/student quarantining."


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