Environmental group urges Gov. Malloy to support Millstone

The California-based group Environmental Progress has sent a letter to Gov. Dannel P. Malloy and other Connecticut state officials urging them to take action to support the Millstone Power Station in Waterford.

Signed by 30 leading scientists, conservationists and environmentalists including James Hansen, Richard Rhodes, Robert Stone and Steven Pinker, the letter notes that the nuclear plant supplies over half of Connecticut’s energy and 96 percent of its zero-carbon electricity. Millstone provided 46 times more electricity than Connecticut solar and wind combined, the letter states.

“Nuclear is at risk because it is unfairly excluded from state and federal subsidies and mandates for clean energy,” the letter states. It warns that when nuclear plants close, fossil fuels are the predominant replacement.

“If Connecticut loses Millstone, it will rely substantially on natural gas and energy imported from other parts of New England to meet its needs,” the letter states. Higher prices and failure to meet the state’s climate goals would result, the letter warns.

The letter urged the state to guarantee that “nuclear is fairly recognized for its benefits. Instead of only crediting nuclear for the clean power that it generates when gas is too expensive or renewables are unavailable, Connecticut should ensure that nuclear is compensated for the affordable energy it provides around the clock.”

“To do the right thing for your state’s environment and people, you need nuclear power,” the letter states. “We urge you to support the public interest by keeping Millstone online. In doing so, you will help protect the state’s environment, health, and taxpayers.”

A bill intended to help stabilize Millstone against volatile energy prices and preserve the viability of the plant passed the state Senate but died in the House of Representatives last week.

Environmental Progress’ letter can be found at bit.ly/Millstoneletter.

— Judy Benson


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