Births - Dec. 10

Backus Hospital

NOV. 12 - A son to Nabate Metts and Darnika Eleazer.

NOV. 14 - A son to Robert Mather and Kelly Patterson.

NOV. 15 - A son to Geraldo Rodriguez-Perez and Marie Rodriguez-Figueroa; a daughter to Steven and Faith Dyer; a daughter to Covington, IV and Victoria Holland; a daughter to Nelson Quinones and Danielle Ratelle; a son to Kyle and Elizabeth Desjardins.

NOV. 16 - A daughter to John Thorp and Katherine Trejo; a daughter to Ernest and Cassandra Houle.

NOV. 18 - A son to Shiranj and Mansi Patel.

NOV. 19 - A daughter to Mark Leonard and Rebecca Vogt.

NOV. 20 - A son to Jeffrey Ballard and Chelsae Dickert.

NOV. 21 - A daughter to Mathew McDonald, Jr., and Lartsa Pechka; a son to Bryan and Elizabeth Young; a daughter to Dejaan Maignan and Vanessa LaBonte; a daughter to Carlos and Samantha Carrion; a daughter to Misael and Shannon Ramirez.

NOV. 22 - A daughter to Eduardo Laboy and Carolyn Galarza.

NOV. 23 - A daughter to Sean and Laura Chapman.

NOV. 24 - A son to Brian Openchofski and Falicia Viscione; a daughter to Kenn and Jenna Martin.

NOV. 25 - A daughter to Raymond Gomez and Morgan Croushore.

L+M Hospital

NOV. 13 - A son to Brian Miller and Brittni Grimes of Norwich; a daughter to Jagdish Patil and Varsha Salunkhe of Groton.

NOV. 14 - A daughter to Christopher and Jessica Kalogrides of Groton.

NOV. 15 - A daughter to Shane Clemons and Ashli Elliott of Norwich; a daughter to Martinus and Alison Langeveld of New London; a son to Samantha Selitte of Groton.

NOV. 16 - A daughter to Mario Cor Ajeataz and Maria Cortez Velasquez of New London; a son to Wesly and Laura Forster of Waterford; a son to Jacob and Kaitlyn Grzyb of Oakdale.




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