Births - Feb. 4

Backus Hospital

DEC. 26 - A son to Dana Robinson and Jessica Hill.

JAN. 1 - A daughter to Mark and Amanda Archuleta.

JAN. 2 - A daughter to Alex Perez and Denise Roberts; a son to Stephen Sizer and Amy Peterson; a son to Riker Langlois and Brittany Adams; a son to Aaron Nadeau and Alexis Donahue.

JAN. 3 - A son to Sean Paulman and April Houra; a son to Nathaniel Arrington and Catalina Brown.

JAN. 4 - A daughter to Michael and Kelley Orbe; a daughter to Joseph Marceau and Kristina Gauthier.

JAN. 5 - A daughter to Andre Corbin and Lynsey Bradham.

JAN. 6 - A son to Dylan Riley and Chelsea Katz.

JAN. 8 - A daughter to Christopher Beach and Natisha Sekerak; a daughter to Raymond Ortiz and Jocelyn Silva Rivera.

JAN. 10 - A daughter to Tyler Provost and Laura Legary; a son to Brandon and Melissa Kingston.

JAN. 11 - A son to Joshua and Carley LaPointe.

JAN. 12 - A daughter to Juan and Sara Garcia; a son to Bobby and Aimee Owens.

JAN. 13 - A son to Alistair and Rupali D'Souza; a daughter to Clayton and Viyana Elledge; a son to Antonio Alleyne and Vanessa Brown.

JAN. 14 - A son to Lenes Leblanc and Martine Francois; a daughter to Carl and Marissa Kirchner.

JAN. 15 - A daughter to Matthew Cote and Christine Rio; a daughter to Megan Santos.

JAN. 16 - A son to Sean Simmons and Cierra Pensis.

JAN. 17 - A daughter to Brady and Kelly Farland; a daughter to Andy and Jessica Nemeth.

JAN. 18 - A daughter to Steve and Josmery Valverde.

JAN. 20 - A daughter to Daniel and Jackie Mirel; a daughter to Wayne Mocek, Jr. and Amy Decelles.

JAN. 21 - A daughter to Stephen Burroughs and Arlenne Montanez.

JAN. 22 - A daughter to Adam Lambert and Audrey Way; a son to Sebastian and Kristina Aligata.

JAN. 23 - A daughter to Robert and Jacqueline O'Donnell; a son to Michael and Christine Kilcollum; a son to Benjamin and Vanessa Newell.

L+M Hospital

DEC. 28 - A daughter to Alberto Latorre and Angelys Alvarez of New London; a son to Kenneth and Courtney Behrens of Groton; a son to Jeffrey Cloutier and Melissa Church of New London; a son to Seth Roberts and Emily Dykes of Oakdale; a son to Juan Diaz-Almanzar and Laylani Fernandez of New London; a daughter to Antone Wagner and Shanika Hastie of Groton.

DEC. 29 - A son to Sergeson Bernard and Fabiola Belidor of New London; a son to Michael and JoAnna Bennett of Waterford; a daughter to James and Rachel Monahan of Quaker Hill; a son to Yevgeny and Hannah Rapoport of Mystic; a daughter to Thomas and Crystal Sarrica of Mystic.

DEC. 30 - A son to Jasmine Pugh of New London.

DEC. 31 - A son to Marcus and Anastacia Knight of Mystic.

JAN. 1 - A son to Maneris Iglesias of Taftville; a daughter to David Faulks and Aiysha Ings of Canterbury.

JAN. 2 - A son to Andrew Agney and Ana Apontes-Melendez of Groton; a daughter to Paul and Ashley Fiore of Old Lyme; a daughter to Vincent Healy and June Zubek of Uncasville.

JAN. 3 - A son to Felisha and Cleveland Combs III of Groton; a son to Robert and Nena Greene of Oakdale; a daughter to Lisa McDonald of Norwich; a daughter to Anastasios Bundy and Karlei Sheeler of Uncasville.

JAN. 4 - A son to Billy and Crystal Griffin of Gales Ferry; a daughter to Thomas and Jordan Pezzello of New London; a son to Thomas and Dena Poblete of New London; a son to Brian Wolfe and Valary-Jo Winstead of Uncasville.

JAN. 5 - A son to Jeremiah Waterman and Rachel Burdick of Groton; a daughter to Faith and Tariko Satterfield Sr. of Norwich; a son to Benjamin Fowler and Nicole Wildowsky of New London.

JAN. 6 - A son to Daniel and Allison Lathrop of Westerly.

JAN. 8 - A son to Maurice Marshall and Margaret Chapman of New London.

JAN. 9 - A daughter to Joseph Sanipas and Stephanie Cagle of Norwich.

JAN. 10 - Twins, a son and a daughter to Daniele Rotolo and Andrea Mea of Westerly.

JAN. 11 - A daughter to Steven and Alissa Halle of Pawcatuck.

JAN. 12 - A daughter to Johnathan Moyse and Hannah James-Moyse of Groton; a son to Brian Sattler and Nora Selinger of Mystic.

JAN. 13 - A son to William Bridgman and Amber Avila of Pawcatuck; a daughter to Derek Stearns and Susie Risch of Groton.

JAN. 15 - A son to Eric Davis and Fatima Sheppard of Norwich; a son to Ashlee Tryon of Waterford.

JAN. 16 - A daughter to Joshua and Katherine Shortman of Pawcatuck.

JAN. 17 - A daughter to David and Katie Lee of Groton; a son to Adam and Sheena Regnere of Griswold; a daughter to Sequoya Reels-Felder and Justina Smith of New London.

JAN. 18 - A son to Arturo and Shantal Lapid of Ledyard; a son to Matthew McLoughlin and Meghan Stanley of Waterford; a daughter to Patrick and Heather Welsh of Ledyard.


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