Submarine Electronics Computer Field members graduate

Groton — Forty-four sailors of Class 17090 graduated from the Submarine Electronics Computer Field, SECF, Apprentice course on Aug. 17.

The SECF "A" school combines a core curriculum of electronics, fire control and sonar technician skills and abilities while emphasizing team training and cross-rating familiarization.

Seaman Robert Lucas, Seaman Steven Robinson and Seaman Jorge Pacheco were class honor graduates.

Robinson, who also was meritoriously advanced, was named a graduate with distinction, together with Seaman Emil Rabor.

Seaman Westly Spier was recognized for personal excellence.

The Submarine Electronics Computer Field Apprenticeship training school is an 18-week course of instruction combining three ratings — sonar technician, fire control technician and electronic technician — in the same classroom, along with instructors from all three ratings.

SECF encompasses topics such as basic computer and electronic training and fire control systems, trigonometry and pre-calculus, AC/DC circuits, basic power supplies, digital systems, radar and microwave theory and operation, basic sound propagation, passive/active theory, Gram Analysis, oceanography, naval security, acoustic systems fundamentals, sonar underwater acoustics, acoustics analysis, submarine target motion analysis, computer technology and maintenance fundamentals, sonar watch standing and shipboard noise control.

Sailors learn theoretical and practical knowledge of their respective ratings in an interactive multimedia forum with emphasis on hands-on skills and team concepts. Approximately 50 percent of the course is taught in the Combined Operational Acoustic Employment trainer.

The sailors' learned and practiced skills are taught in four knowledge segments: basic maintenance, underway steaming, section tracking party and surface transit. Each graduating student is better prepared to meet the challenges of the fleet and has the knowledge and skill to be a productive member immediately upon joining the crew.


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